Homeland Security vs. Worker Power USA

In this country the D.H.S., specifically tasked with keeping the population safe, was created in language that specifically excluded the possibility of workers in that agency joining unions for collective bargaining.

We can join any union we want, from the Teamsters to the IBEW to the ILGWU, go to meetings, enjoy the fraternity of our union brothers and sisters….we just can’t have whatever union we may belong to bargain for us.

The Iraqis might beware of similar regulations placed upon them within the structure of the transfer of “sovereignty.”

This administration seems intent upon creating Iraq in its own image and I doubt, therefore, if unions will be permitted any meaningful voice within the power structure unless they make clear somehow that they will not be ignored. I think unions will be allowed, even “encouraged” so that workers can be organized, tabulated in fact, and whatever they say will be reported and perhaps commented upon somewhere. I do not believe this administration will allow unions any meaningful voice (power) in the “democracy” of Iraq and, in fact, I think it likely that any union action to wrest power from the hands of the companies and the government will be categorized as “insurrectionist” and could be dealt with quite harshly as “defense of the homeland.”

We shall see.

John Gillmore
[via email, posted by permission]