Counterpunch Readers Respond

(CANADA) Thanks for your article today on Counterpunch. I too woke up this morning and thought of Fallujah and what it means for those people.

What a world we live in! How can we make a difference in a world seemingly bent on destroying one another!

But then your article shows that people do care about each other, perhaps one day that will make a difference!!!

(SWEDEN) And not only now but from the beginning of the “pounding”. Most of the time the attacks happens at night and I imagine this poor people falling apart. During the day the snippers kill everybody who dare to cross a street. The cruelty against Falluja´s defenceless population has no limits.

A friend of mine who worked in that area told me yesterday that Falluja is just a little town, tight populated, more or less as my own town here.

You are not alone Greg, thank you for your blues.

(OKLAHOMA) Read your piece on ‘Counterpunch’ after I stopped screaming!! Great as ALWAYS!!

If they have the audacity and gall to try a coup under the implication as an impeachment, what can we do? Strike? How is it that fear of embracing a culture of civil rights with its glorious diversity which extends to ALL citizens be so scary?! As I heard on the BBC’s ‘From Our Own Correspondent’ programme, Americans do wear rose coloured glasses and are insular from the outside. Guess it’s back to the Colonias?!

In Regards to your recent article “Blues For Fallujah” I simply wanted to say well done. So few words to convey a mosts wonderful meaning. Thank You

The sound a little person makes when she covers her head with her bare


(NORWAY) I write from Arctic Norway. Thank you for the essay. It amazes me that nations that destroy communities in foreign lands (ie, Americans, Brits, Israelis, Russians now, and Germans and Japanese in the last war), how is it possible not to have empathy for families with dead children or destroyed homes. How is that possible? Anyone who has a child or a home, which means most of us, must know how that must tear the heart and hope out of someone. But somehow, we don’t.

Your essay reminds us. Thank you.

(UNITED KINGDOM) I just wanted to say how much I enjoyed your article on Fallujah (if “enjoy” is a word that can be used for such a grim subject). It cut right through the bullshit to the very heart of the matter — the true central issue of the election, which was of course completely ignored: the innocent dead murdered in our name. Anyway, it was a great piece, strong and true. Thanks very much for writing it.

(SOUTH CAROLINA) F**KIN’ A!!!!! That needed to be said, so badly…I’m clickin’ around, saying to friends; “READ THIS, GG***MMIT!!!”

(MASSACHUSETTS) Nice piece of writing.

(INDIA) I’m a religious conservative Hindu writing from India. I happened to read your piece “Blues for Fallujah”. You are not alone in your thoughts. Here is what most of us here in India feel about this vote.

I can tell you that even here in my town ****, where Hindus are staunchly unsympathetic to Muslims, we were horrified and disgusted by the spectacle of your American election even as your Army prepares to “pacify Fallujah”. In many ways, the utter helplessness of the Iraqi people and their abandonment by the rest of humanity is beginning to resemble the fate of the Jews in the Europe of the 30s and 40s. Republican supporters don’t seem to understand that for us, us non-Americans, the invasion of Iraq based on lies holds an echo of the invasion of Poland by Nazi Germany. I pray that Fallujah will not witness the kind of total “pacification” that places like Auschwitz and Treblinka became synonymous with.

I myself narrowly escaped being in WTC on Sep 11 and was an eyewitness to the horrors. And seeing what the Israelis are doing under Sharon and the school massacre by Chechen militants in Beslan hasn’t left any room in my heart for any understanding of the ‘Establishment’ or ‘powers that be’ in either the Jewish or Muslim communities. However, I doubt that either of these peoples would have 51% of their population feeling the kind of insensate nationalistic stupidity and bloodlust that half of adult America has demonstrated by re-electing Bloody Bush. There is indeed a God and even though there are no mechanisms of human justice that can stay the hand of American military in Iraq, there definitely is a divine justice ( call it cause and effect if you will…) that will yet come back to haunt America for the evil that its people have wrought with this vote for Bush despite all the lies, the deception, the horrors of Abu Ghraib,…. It is clear that at least every second American is a willing accomplice in the planned and deliberate murder of hundreds of thousands of innocents in the most bloody and fiery and merciless manner so that some of those who control your industrial empires may hoard the wealth of other nations and peoples than you.

If this is how I, a non-Muslim non-Arab Indian who detests Muslim fanatics and typically likes the average American Joe feels at this moment in history, your countrymen need to sit back and ponder over the hate they have earned from the rest of humanity by this dastardly vote. For the last four years, the American people had the sympathy of non-Muslims on account of the events of Sep 11 and the accidental/stolen election of 2000. However, 2004 is a different matter altogether. By a majority of over 3 million votes, and the vast swathe of your red states that voted for Bush,you have certified your hatred and contempt for the rest of us. With this vote, there is no longer the benefit of doubt. During the last Bush tenure, we non-Muslim non-Americans were on the sidelines, trying to differentiate ordinary Muslims from the beasts of al-Qaeda and trying to differentiate ordinary Americans from the beasts in Washington and trying to differentiate the bloodlust of white Americans from the naivety and sycophancy of black, Hispanic and other immigrant Americans who had just discovered the sinful sweetness of their individual ‘American Dream’.

That grace is now over. And the suffering of the Iraqi people and the fallout of these events on the rest of us is henceforth your responsibility – or at least every second one amongst you – whether white, black, red, brown or yellow.

The Nazis got into power sneakily, through an odd confluence of circumstances, perhaps comparable to Nov 2000. Bush in 2004 comes to power stamped with the approval of the American people. Finished product of the neo-cons! Inspected and approved by the good folk of America! Congratulations, America! You’ve come up with the first popularly elected Fascist administration anywhere in the world.

I hope for the sake of the conscience of your nation that the 48% of you who did not vote for Bush never stop speaking up against the 51% who did, even though these be your own parents, children, spouses, siblings, cousins, friends, colleagues… However, don’t expect the rest of us to keep remembering that 48% of you did not vote for Bush. That’s not the kind of complexity that has influenced the fate you Americans have dealt to Iraq and the fate you will soon be dealing Fallujah.

As for me, I can certainly say that I am no longer divided in my feelings. I have an opinion and it is no longer sympathetic to America.

God save America from Americans! God save us all!

PS: Thank you for your thoughtful editing and for posting my response on

Please please keep writing without being disheartened. People like you are not only America’s conscience, but the conscience of every soul on this planet we share. Sometimes giving voice to conscience may be all that someone can do in this existence, but better that than the apathy which will guarantee us perdition in the hereafter.

And for hope, I return to the words of the Gita, where Lord Krishna says,
“yada yada hi dharmasya glanirbhavati bhaarata
abhyutthaanam adharmasya tat aatmaanaam srjaamyaham
dharma sansthaapanaarthaaya sambhavami yuge yuge”

“Whenever unrighteousness rears its head all around
To fight injustice and for the succour of souls
I manifest myself from time to time”

Perhaps the moment will manifest the leadership that can face the evil Bushmen.

(VIRGINIA) Thank you for your wonderful short piece on Fallujah that I read at the Counterpunch site this morning and put out to the…readers in my morning news service. I am an old combat veteran who opposes all war, and a leftist who opposes corporate government.

I used your piece to pull people back to reality. Yes, there is a lot to argue about in the election, it was filled with the usual fraud and deceit. There is a lot of hand wringing to do about the way the left is now in disarray with the Democrats having spent the last six months attacking Nader and the Green Party splintered into factions. The right wing and Democratic Leadership Council could not be more pleased.

But, as I pointed out in introducing your piece this morning, whether Kerry or Bush was elected, with the pressure from Shiah leaders in Iraq pushing the occupiers to hold elections in January, thousands of Fallujahns are going to probably be killed as they present a roadblock.

My heart goes out to the people of Fallujah. That is where our attention should be. Thank you for attempting to get people focused on that. We all know it’s coming, and it is so much easier to stick our heads in the sand and try not to notice, try not to be tied to it in any way, put our fingers in our ears to stifle the screams, and close our eyes to the trickles of blood.

I really love you thug lovers, You dirt bags who wring your hands and whine everytime a terrorist dies, everytime a despot is spanked, everytime the slimey, smelly leftist lose. You people cause love to swell in my heart and soul for hard ass conservitives who cause you to whimper, snot running down your trembling lips. So do yourself a favor, go live in france, stop bathing, and rub shoulders with the rest of feces of the world.

I’m listening for the still-born child, the heart attack, the stroke. The sound a little person makes when she covers her head with her bare hands.

After thirty hours, I’ve finally had my good cry.

Just read your article on Counter Punch’s site, ” Blues for Fallujah”. Thanks. Cant get the image of the “sound a little person makes when she covers her head with her bare hands” out of my mind. Just wish I could make it stop. Maybe your eloquent words will help.

Thank you, Greg Moses…

It read like a beautiful poem.

(DENMARK) This reader can only offer lonely silence. Tears won’t help anybody. But may your heart live forever, as a beacon, and the rest of who is you tirelessly see and hear and tell others to follow. And may your listeners be many and strong, and may the sounds of death and despair and the urgent voices of truth one day be mingled with laughter.

I’m listening to Fallujah, too.

But how many other people are? I thought “it” would happen today. Not a word.

Would we know? Will we know?

Thanks for your sensitive piece.

(HAWAII) Subject line: Are you listening hard enough?
Message: [In fat, large font.] BOOM!!!